About Works™

Our ambitions are already big. We want to make HR accessible to all by using new technology and subscription-based solutions.

Sky-high ambitions

At Works™ the ambitions are sky-high: We want to make HR accessible to all. Big and small.

So far the HR function has been reserved for a particular type of company. The big. We would like to change that so that both large, medium and small companies can benefit from the benefits of HR. We can do this because we use new technology and offers subscription-based solutions. 

The ambition has arisen from the idea that everyone is entitled to a good working life. And because we know that happy employees are motivated employees. And that it benefits the bottom line.


Four overall values

Whatever assignment we have to face we always have four overall values: Proper, open, professional and innovative.

The values not only defines the way we have chosen to build Works and the strategies we work from. They also express the way we meet customers and businesses.


The company is whats important

We know that the road from A to B rarely is a straight line when it comes to human development. We are all different and we all think differently.

On the website we have chosen to illustrate this via the twisted blue line. A way of showing that when it comes to individual development there are never two identical routes. 

In practice, companies will experience that Works™ helps to reconcile competencies and personal preferences, also by offering tailor-made HR solutions and by focusing on the company's very own HR way.


We know the rules

Our collaboration with the law firm IUNO means, among other things, that our HR Hotline answers HR legal issues, that the HR documents are always updated to current legislation and that we can offer access to HR Wiki, which is filled wirh laws, guides, videos and news within HR law.

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